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[Preorder] Arashi LOVE Concert Goods [Tokyo Dome] / JE Official Shop Photos [CLOSED]

Hi everyone, I'm taking orders for Arashi LOVE Concert Goods [Tokyo Dome] and JE Official Shop Photos. Please PM me or leave a comment if you are interested.

If you have other special request order for JE or anime/manga stuff, feel free to contact me.

I'm sending out the items from Singapore. I also accept oversea orders. For people residing in Singapore, meetup is possible.

All items are listed in Singapore Dollars.
Deadline for all preorders is on the 7th. Payment has to be in by the 8th. I accept bank transfer (for Singaporeans) or paypal.

On-hand Arashi good

Arashi LOVE Concert good - Ribbon bracelet [Nagoya - red] - $22 [Quantity: 0]

Arashi LOVE Concert Goods [Tokyo Dome]

All Photo Previews OVER HERE.

Pamphlet - $40
Jumbo Uchiwa (individual 5 types - AMNOS) - $12 each
Mini Uchiwa (Group, individual 5 types - AMNOS) - $9 each
Poster (Group, individual 5 types - AMNOS) - $22 each
Original Penlight - $28
Bath Towel - $60
Shopping Bag - $32
Pair Pouch - $28
Large Handkerchief - $12
Fluffy Stickers (Kid’s size) - $12
Clear File (Group, individual 5 types - AMNOS) - $12 each
T-Shirt - $50
Letter set - $12
Ribbon Bracelet (Tokyo) - $15 (most likely yellow color)
Original Photo Set (Group, individual 5 types - AMNOS) - $13 per set

Note that the Photo Sets are taken by the members themselves!

Original Photo Set:
Group [photographed by ARASHI],
Aiba Masaki [photographed by Sakurai Sho],
Matsumoto Jun [photographed by Ohno Satoshi],
Ninomiya Kazunari [photographed by Aiba Masaki],
Ohno Satoshi [photographed by Ninomiya Kazunari],
Sakurai Sho [photographed by Matsumoto Jun]

JE Official Shop Photos

Each Shop Photo cost $3. Please click links for pictures.

I'm an Arashi fan so frankly, I'm not familiar with the other JE groups. If you want to buy other JE group photos, please give me the link of the photos.

Arashi Arafes 2013 Shop Photos

Arashi Love Tour Phamplet Shop Photos

Arashi P.A.R.A.D.O.X Shop Photos

Arashi Love Album Shop Photos

Please list the type of photo, and the photo code of the ones you wish to get.

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