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[Selling and Trade] K Anikuji ver 4

Hi all. I have some prizes from the latest K anikuji. Please take a look.

anikuji ver 4

Trades requests

a. I have won 2 Saruhiko figures (Prize G) and would like to trade one of them for a Misaki figure (Prize F).

b. If possible, I would also like to trade Prize H-1 (Mikoto-Izumo-Tatara poster) for Prize H-2 (Saruhiko-Misaki poster)

I’m from Singapore and would prefer to do trading with Singaporeans.
If anyone is interested in the Saruhiko figure but is unable to trade, please note that I will only sell it for a good price. (Please make offer via PM)


c. 1 Shiro figure (Prize B) - USD35 + shipping/handling and paypal fees

d. 2 1 Shiro key holders (Prize J-1) - USD10 each + shipping/handling and paypal fees

e. 1 Mikoto key holder (Prize J-3) - USD10 + shipping/handling and paypal fees SOLD

f. 3 Mikoto-Reisi clear folders (Prize K-2) - USD12 each + shipping/handling and paypal fees

g. 1 Saruhiko-Misaki clear folder (Prize K-3) - USD12 + shipping/handling and paypal fees

Interested parties, please leave comment or PM me. Many thanks!
Tags: anikuji, k, selling, trade
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